PrettyBOY Exclusive - Hybrid Dress Dunk Collection

I was privileged to get an exclusive sneak peak at the latest concept of what a luxury custom shoe should look like.  From the minds of A.J. Ballard, PMK's President/Creative Director, who goes by the name Locksmith in collaboration with OMB (Oliver Moore Bootmakers) and co designed Jon Silverman, OMB's Marketing Specialist and certified Pedorthist.

At first glance I was like "Hmmm, another variation of the mundane Nike Dunk...." Until I enlarged the images.  The first thing that grabs you are the very bold yet strangely subtle fall colors.  A perfect clash of a rich mahogany and soft olive green make for a very classy look (absolutely customizable to fit any colorway).  Dubbed the "Dress Dunk Collection" you can tell these shoes are not your ordinary Footlocker purchase.  As I move to the side of the sneaker, I notice a textured Nike check with a familiar feel - Alligator......"Lovely" also fully customizable.  With 4 different styles varying from the tradition Dunk, to a wingtip styled boot, there is a little something for all tastes or occasions.

Take a look for yourself and please hit me up for more details......
We decided to collab after agreeing that the sneaker game needed a culture shock. These Dress Sneakers were designed by A.J. Ballard, PMK's President/Creative Director, who goes by the name Locksmith and co designed Jon Silverman, OMB's Marketing Specialist and certified Pedorthist. Each pair in this collection is a hand made, reconstructed piece of art. With its dress leather finish and alligator accented checks these shoes are pure luxury for your feet.  If you decide on doing a "no sock" look, you are guaranteed to be pleased with the padded suede interior. OMB has been designing and hand crafting dress shoes since 1878 doing work for multiple celebs, athletes, entertainers and most recently American bad boy Charlie Sheen. We are just getting warmed up. Nike isn't the only brand that we are interested in that's why our motto is "Nothing is safe". This is a limited volume release, only 5 pairs will be made of each style. You can also pick and choose from a wide variety of dress leathers and exotic skins to create your own one-of-a-kind luxury sneakers. We are the AMG of the sneaker industry!
Again like most things on this site, if you have to ask how much, you probably can't afford them.....Save your penny's for these! - Get there!


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