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"Good to see Nelly hasn't lost his class"


S T A N C E - Real life D-Boy gets his whips SNATCH by DEA.

"From my boy John, owner of Heavy Hitters Mag, this just goes to show that it's all fun and games until a State Trooper rolls off with a million dollars of your whip game"


First Date Body-Language Mistakes

  • What You Need To Know
  • Don't look closed off by crossing your arms (even if it feels comfortable).
  • Overdoing it on the head nod will make it seem like you're disinterested.
  • Make the effort to lean toward her. It shows you're interested.
"Although you can't fake a connection with someone, you can definitely enhance it by trying to get on their wavelength. "

First dates are all about seeing whether or not you and the woman you’ve asked out are in sync. You might pay special attention to what you say (which is a good thing), to how you clean yourself up (big bonus) and to any sparks that fly over the dinner table. But don’t fall into the trap of letting your body language mess things up for you. Here are 10 first date body-language mistakes to keep out of her sight.

Pointing your feet away from her

When we like something, our bodies instinctively want to move closer to it. It happens subconsciously a lot of the time, but be aware of your feet. Are they pointing in her direction or at a hot girl at the bar? Be sure that they’re facing the woman you’re on a date with, as this is positive body language that shows her you’re interested.

Patting her during a hug

A hug at the end of the date is a great way to show her you want to touch her (and women want to be touched), but don’t pat her on the back. Although this could happen when you feel a bit nervous or you don’t want her to think you’re jumping her, the back pat gives her the idea that you are uncomfortable getting closer to her or that you just don’t want to make contact. Yes, it’s that bad. Always lean toward her when you reach in, and if you don’t want to come on too strong, make it a short hug.

Moving too quickly

You might not realize that your body often mirrors your internal emotional world. If you’re feeling a bit nervous about the first date, it could be reflected in your body language, such as make fast movements while talking or eating. This first date body-language mistake tells her you’re nervous and maybe even insecure. The impression you want to make is that you’re calm, collected and confident. So become more aware of your body and try to slow down your movements.

Nodding too much

If you nod a lot while your date is speaking, she’s going to think you’re not really listening or you just want her to wrap up what she’s rambling on about so that you can take the stage again. Basically, it tells her you’re not interested in what she has to say. Of course, nodding a little bit can be good because it shows that you agree with certain things she says, but keep it to a minimum.

Speaking out of sync

Mirroring each other on a first date creates the impression of being on the same wavelength. Pay attention not only to what your bodies are doing but also to how your speech patterns match. If she speaks really fast and you’re more mellow, for example, it throws you out of sync. Try to match her, as this will make your conversation flow. Although you can’t fake a connection with someone, you can definitely enhance it by trying to get on their wavelength. 

She might even think that you're just bored of her company and it's causing you to shred those napkins. "

Crossing your arms

Maybe crossing your arms is just a stance you feel comfortable in, but it will make your date feel that you are literally closing yourself off from her, which explains why this makes our list of first date body language mistakes. That’s never going to make her feel warm and fuzzy inside on a first date. Try to keep your arms extended or open as much as you can so that you show her you are willing to engage in conversation.

Invading her space

Sometimes instead of blocking yourself off from your date, you end up being a little too engaging. You might move too closely to her so that you’re breathing the same puff of air. Although you think she might have been flirting with you or sending you signals for you to move closer, it’s too soon. Plus, even if you’re charming and she’s showing interest, if you’re invading her personal space, you risk it being seen as an instant turnoff. 

Fiddling around

Fiddling with objects or not being able to stay still could be seen as displaying nervousness, a lack of confidence or disinterest. She might even think that you’re just bored of her company and it’s causing you to shred those napkins. Try to remain still and focus on your date. Immerse yourself in the moment and show genuine interest. Keep still and don’t fiddle, so that your confidence speaks for itself.

Intense eye contact

Eye contact is always a must when it comes to displaying good body language on a date, but don’t think that this means you should laser into her eyes. Can you say creepy? It will make her uncomfortable or cause her to feel like she’s being scrutinized by you. Let your eyes meet across the candlelight -- but not for longer than a few seconds so it’s not awkward. Do not turn her off with this first date body language mistake.

Touching her

Perhaps you’ve been laughing, enjoying some drinks and giving each other a lot of flirtatious looks, so it’s only natural to think that it’s OK to reach over and touch her. Don’t! You might be coming on a little too strongly for a first date, and she’ll likely assume that you’re only interested in her for sex. The only time it’s OK to touch her is if she touched you first, like if she has brushed your arm during a joke. In that case, she’s giving you the go-ahead and hoping you mirror her actions.


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World’s first 24 carat Gold iPhone 4 bumpers by CrystalRoc provide blinged protection

Gold cases for your precious iPhone 4 are plenty. And in a quest to be different, CrystalRoc has come out with what is known as the 'World’s First 24ct Gold iPhone 4 bumper' that can be hooked on to your iPhone easily. Available in 24-carat Gold, Platinum or Silver, this added attachment doesn't look out of place at all! Along with providing protection, these glitzy cases will add a bit of oomph to your iPhone 4. Prices start at £200 ($325), you can also pick one up at Harrods, London.


**WOMENS** Surface To Air Open Sandals V1 & V2

Made cooler with an elastic strap on the toes , these Surface To Air sandals are available in metallic and gray suede. The snakeskin imitation leather style simply rocks.Available at Surface To Air online. Take a closer look at both styles on the page.
Y'all Like?


At $300K, Ecosse Titanium Series FE Ti XX is the world’s most expensive motorcycle

Ecosse Moto Works makes the world’s most extraordinary machines. Their exquisite two-wheeled creations are built to the highest standards, using the most exotic materials in never-before-seen designs. The firm already has the honor of being the maker of the world’s most expensive motorcycle, the Ecosse Titanium Series RR, which costs $275,000. Now, they are updating the Titanium Series RR with the final bike in the Heretic series - the FE Ti XX, which will become the newest most expensive motorcycle in the world, costing a cool $300,000

The new Ecosse Titanium Series FE Ti XX comes equipped with a 2.4l billet aluminum powerplant that produces an amazing 225hp. The Grade 9 titanium pipes have a ceramic, shot-peened finish and a hydraulic clutch combines with a new exposed carbon belt drive. The Ecosse FE Ti XX comes with a wristwatch from some undisclosed brand. 

Ecosee tells Basem Wasef at Motorcycles that the first batch is going to China. Moreover, a client has ordered one unit without fluids so that he can display it as “a sculpture in his home.” He’s opted for the bike in his daughter’s favorite color and has christened it in her honor.
Pictured above is the Ecosse Titanium Series RR Limited Edition.

About Ecosse
Ecosse was formed in late 1991. Don Atchison, founder and designer, is a speed freak who grew up riding dirt bikes as his main mode of transportation in rural Washington state. The Heretic was perfected in 2004 after three complete prototype iterations. Forbes declared The Heretic “Bike of the Year” in 2006.
The motorcycle was the multi-winner of Robb Report’s prestigious “Best of the Best” award and Stuff Magazine gave it the “Sickest Bike of 2007” honor. Men’s Vogue commissioned a special one-off limited edition for its April 2008 issue. 

For those who are crazy about motorcycles and have money to spend, here are some of the most expensive motorcycles in the world, other than the new Ecosse Titanium Series FE Ti XX.


Hublot’s €2 million Big Bang watch - DAMN.

Swiss watchmaker Hublot, renowned for its Big Bang line of watches, has brought to the Baselworld a new diamond-covered 18k white gold Big Bang tourbillon watch, which costs a whopping €2 million ($2.8 million). Interestingly, the Hublot €2 million BB watch was finished the day before Baselworld 2011 opened. The exceptional timepiece features 637 baguette diamonds, a rose cut diamond on the crown and a Vendôme Tourbillon movement to appeal to the lovers of fine watchmaking. The watch has HUB 6003 hand-wound tourbillon movement. 

For about a month, 45 gem cutters worked nonstop to create 637 baguette diamonds, totaling just over 141 carats. They took 13,000 hours to cut the stones and another 2,000 hours to set them. The gemstones were selected one by one to achieve perfect uniformity in terms of purity and color. All the diamonds used in the making hail from the same mine. More than 270 carats of rough diamonds were chosen from a lot of 1500 carats, and from these, the stones used were selected. 

A perfect example of the fusion between jewelry and watchmaking, the Hublot’s €2 million Big Bang watch will go on display in the Hublot boutique at 10 Place Vendôme.

Sparkling Specifications:
Case: 18 K white gold set with 72 baguette diamonds, 20.85 carats.
Bezel: 18 K white gold set with 72 baguette diamonds, 11.14 carats.
Crystal: Sapphire with interior and exterior anti-reflective treatment.
Case-back: 18 K white gold with sapphire crystal, interior anti-reflective treatment.
Crown: 18 K white gold set with 24 baguette diamonds and one rose cut diamond, 1.02 carats.
Dial: 18 K white gold, Palladium 150, set with 116 baguette diamonds, 8.87 carats, dial on two levels with 2 Vendôme columns.
Hands: Faceted, rhodium-plated skeleton hands set with diamonds.
Bracelet: 18 K white gold set with 353 baguette diamonds, 102.62 carats.
Clasp: 18 K white gold deployant buckle.


1950′s Copenhagen Spitfire Chair - O MEE Gee

The second we figure out how to become insanely wealthy (we’re banking on scratch-off lottery ticket winnings) we’re heading over to Copenhagen, dining at Noma and coming home with a private jet’s worth of Danish furniture.  Until that happens we’ll continue to rely on Restoration Hardware for the bulk of our home design (it’s gotten to the point where our office looks like one of their showrooms right down to the slate wall color).  This 1950’s Copenhagen Spitfire Chair will be our latest addition since it just so happens we were in the market for a retro-looking Danish throne.  The front and seat are upholstered in soft aged leather and the bulk of the body is encased in Spitfire-esque polished aluminum.  It’s the only piece of furniture we don’t mind that we have to buff. $1795+ here.


**WOMENS** Jimmy Choo Saba Medium metallic python hobo bag is trendy

It would be rather boring to carry a plain black python bag. But Jimmy Choo adds its own flavor to make it trendy. The Saba Medium metallic python hobo bag from Jimmy Choo is crafted out of black python leather and spots a multicolored metallic finish. The bag features gunmetal hardware and black suede stitched trim for added effect. The top opening bag priced at $4,250 comes with an internal pouch and zip fastening pockets. The 14-inch wide, 13-inch high and 7-inch deep bag offers an 8-inch handle drop and is lined inside with camel nubuck.


Super Sexy Roll

Say hello to the Rollerphone concept! At first glance it’s merely a wrist band that projects time, much like the Alessi Concept we saw earlier, but then you realize it’s actually a phone with a retractable transparent screen at the base. How high-tech! It features perfect ergonomics and anthropometry in design thanks to customization – meaning the screen unfurls only to the tip of your fingers, so basically it give you a good fit between the ear and the mouth.

Besides the obvious features found in the latest cellphones, Rollerphone boasts of an enviable media centre. You can watch videos, chat online, play games, read books and listen to music. It’s going to be hard parting with a phone like this, who wouldn’t want their entire digital world on their wrist!

So Dope!


Miter Lounge

This piece by designer Tom Fereday features clean lines, clear functionality, and an overall look of simplicity. The hand crafted American oak veneer with miter detail wraps perfectly around the natural wool felt upholstery, and the color is fantastic. It also happens to be perfectly compact.

Designer: Tom Fereday


@BUSABUSSS - “H.A.M. (Remix)”

Kanye and Hov already showed us how to go H.A.M. but it’s not over. Busta steps up to the plate and he speed flows a verse to the duo’s first single. Let’s see you transcribe these bars. Ha!


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@Suite143Lounge, @Finesselife - Partying for Dummies - This Friday!


Grand Leather Bean Bag Chair - D R O O L !

Most furniture purchases need to be rationalized to make sense to men. Do you really need another set of dining room table chairs to accommodate her family that never comes over? Really? Even if it’s like $125 a seat? But anything covered in leather that man can sink into is a whole different story. Leather couches used to be the best example of this… until Restoration Hardware threw the rulebook away and made a bean bag chair out of leather. Something about slowly sinking into a soft pile of beans contained by supple leather bridges the gap between the time when playing was your only job and now. It’s a giant, leather, perfectly plumped bean bag chair; you don’t need a reason other than that to buy it. $675+


So my Beats Dy Dre got ripped today! FML headed to Apple to get more!

I'm pissed. Really.


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DEV - Bass Down Low (Explicit) ft. The Cataracs

Pull your Beats By Dre out for this....And if you don't have any -> #killyaself then hit me up for some.

Music video by DEV performing Bass Down Low. (C) 2010 Universal Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Far East Movement - Girls On the Dance Floor ft. Stereotypes

Music video by Far East Movement performing Girls On the Dance Floor. (C) 2010 Cherrytree Records/Interscope Records

Ace Hood - Hustle Hard

Music video by Ace Hood performing Hustle Hard. (C) 2011 The Island Def

Dr. Dre - I Need A Doctor (Explicit) ft. Eminem, Skylar Grey

This video is awesome!

Music video by Dr. Dre performing I Need A Doctor featuring Eminem and Skylar Grey (Explicit). © 2011 Aftermath Records

Katy Perry - "E.T." (feat. Kanye West) Official Lyrics Video

Great work with this video...!

#NowPlaying - Katy Perry ft. @kanyewest - E.T (Futuristic Lover)



S T A N C E - Dope 5 from H.H


S T A N C E - Mid-Atlantic Spring Meet

Well, Springtime is here and finally we get to see some fine meets all over the world! This  time, we are featuring‘s spring gtg.

My video of this past weekend’s Mid-Atlantic Spring Meet in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Drove there with some friends and met up with others to help represent NOVA! Big turn out, good looking cars, met some new people, and overall had a great time. These are just my video captures of the meet but be sure to look on for more photo coverage! For now, enjoy and share to your friends!
Thanks Team Nemesis for hosting this event and I hope to go to the next one


S T A N C E - Skyline C110 Dropped


Is it wrong to acquire new friends of the opposite sex while in a relationship, that you have NO attraction to?

I had an interesting convo today that I wanted to ask you guys/gals how you felt on the subject.  Is is wrong to acquire new friends of the opposite sex that you have NO attraction to?  The lines have been laid, the boundaries are set, you have a friend that totally understands you have a man, or chick at home, and has no intentions on wreaking that, or ruining your new found friendship.

It seems to me that people can no longer be friends with the opposite sex, due to the increasing amount of emotionally hi-jacking partners that would rather have their partner either have and loose the few friends he/she currently has, rather than continue to grow socially and meet new people.

Scenario One:
You have a male friend at work that you have NO attraction to; none what so ever, and you and him, maybe a few other co-workers or not, decide to grab a quick lunch....Is that considered wrong?  Or are you in some simplistic form of the word, cheating?  There is no out of work communication, maybe an exchange of phone numbers or emailing, Facebooking, or Twittering, you are just friends, that happen to share similar interest.

Are you cheating?

Scenario Two:
Are you really going to tell me that while your dating your new (Boo) you can no longer, ever, hit the Confirm Friend button until you two either die or break up?
I personally think your outside your mind, if you think my social life should cease because of another persons insecurity.  But maybe I'm just looking at this from a guys perspective.

There is a poll on the right nav that you are free to vote on and let me know you thoughts.  Pass this along to your friends and see what they think.  I'm really curious to know your thoughts on the subject.


Looking for the Perfect Piece of Furniture? The Amphora Couch by desforma is It!

If a single piece of furniture could define the word contemporary, the Amphora couch by Desforma furniture would be it. The piece literally screams for attention without being obnoxious. It is surprisingly comfortable, exceptionally crafted and simply elegant. In fact, the entire collection by Desforma is stunning and years ahead of its time. Just when you fall in love with one couch the Gravity chaise lounge or Safari sofa will catch your eye, making your decision that much harder!

About Desforma Furniture

What is there to say about a company that manufactures their furniture by hand like pieces of art? The result is furniture that is mysterious in design and looks phenomenal from every angle. These are not pieces you toss up against a wall to hide the boring back. No, these functional art pieces deserve to be showcased in the middle of a room to admire from every angle.

Desforma uses pure wood when creating the structure of their furniture, not polyurethane mass so it is durable, stable and comforting to every inch of your body.

If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that will impress your guests and invite you to relax, Desforma has something for you. Also, good news to Padstyle’s American readers, Desforma ships abroad so you can enjoy their gorgeous furniture too! Visit Desforma Furniture to view the entire exquisite collection and take your decor to a superior level.


The First Day of Spring......Thank God winter is finally OVER!


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@kanyewest - Dope shot!


Deep Impact Boats...Heard of them? Well now you have!

Deep Impact Mission is to produce a line of high performance power boats that are both practical and cutting edge. Deep Impact measures its success with every new product line on the basis of four separate but equally important pillars: Performance, Style, Customization, and Customer Service. 

Here are some of the dates you can catch Deep Impact doing their thing!

03.25.10 - 03.28.10
Palm Beach International Boat Show
400 North FLagler Dr.
West palm Beach, FL

04.16.10 - 04.18.10
Florida Power Boat Club
Spring Key West Poker Run
Miami, FL to Key West, FL
Check just a few of their line below!


Nate Dogg Dead at 41

Nathaniel D. Hale, a rapper known by the stage name Nate Dogg, died on Tuesday, his family said.

The cause of death was not yet known, but Hale, 41, had suffered strokes in 2007 and 2008, according to the Long Beach Press-Telegram.

Hale was part of an extended family of rappers known as the Dogg Pound Gangsta Crips (DPGC), a group that also includes Snoop Dogg and Daz Dillinger – both of whom responded to news of Hale's death with tribute messages on Twitter.

"We lost a true legend n hip hop n rnb," Snoop Dogg wrote. "I love u buddy luv. U will always b wit me 4ever n a day."

Daz Dillinger added: "R.I.P. to my homeboy Nate Dogg DPGC Dogg Pound gangsta 4 life."

Born and raised in Long Beach, Calif., Hale was best known for his collaborations with other rappers, including the DPGC group, as well as artists such as Ludacris and Eminem.


@DaRealAmberRose - Good LAWD!

Woman, you are BLESSED!


@Suite143Lounge, @Finesselife - The Champagne Life

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**ARTISTIC** #Nowplaying - @FarEastMovement

So I've listened to almost the whole album, and these dudes are DOPE! They put you in the mindset of The Pack, but with a trance, techno feel.

Check out the official site here.