Nice G35 sighting!

While I was going through tons of pics on flickr I found nice Infiniti G35 shot made by Jon Sylvester.

And a nice a$$ shot.


Ueli Anliker Design does SLR McLaren with gold and rubies!

Here is the latest entrant to the family of incredible bling-bling vehicles. Swiss tuning firm Ueli Anliker Design has festooned a Mercedes SLR McLaren with 500 rubies and 24k gold accents. The custom supercar has been christened Anliker McLaren SLR 999 Red Gold Dream. The tuning firm didn’t only work on the looks, but the machine too. The dazzling, red hot supercar now has a cow catcher up front and a Mustang wing out back. The front splitter adds 220 lbs of downforce at the vehicle’s top speed of 217 mph. The 9 mph increase is courtesy of engine tuning that gets the power up to 999hp. A slight increase in spoiler size and a revised diffuser increase the downforce by 80kg. A total of 500 LEDs have been used to ensure excellent vision. Moreover, the functional ducts on the flanks light up in vibrant color to enhance safety. The exhaust pipes have been wrapped in a special insulating blanket, so that the gold doesn’t melt. While the leather is painted gold, the buttons are done in either gold or ruby. The wheels of the tuned SLR feature the dollar sign-styled gold and ruby SLR logo.


Dope a$$ villas you can't afford!


3D Chess Board by Ji LEE.

"The three-dimensional chess board adds an extra dimension of physicality to the game's battle field"save

Saturn Pixel video - DOPE, quick, but dope!

Saturn - Pixel from Dan Gregoras on Vimeo.

Dual Screen Moonlight Laptop Concept - DOPE!

The Moonlight laptop is just a concept, but is totally possible to build it today since all the technology needed already exists. the concept laptop comes with duel-curved screens, the bigger measuring 16:9 and the smaller 4:3, allowing the users maintain an ideal distance between the eyes and the laptop screen to reduce eye stress.The lower display is a touch screen and can work as a mouse or run a mini OS in the background, or just as an annex of the bigger one. The frame is sensor controlled and lights up in dark and has a pair of long legs to lift the laptop and for proper placing of the keyboard.


Ennova announces USB drive with OLED screen / fingerprint scanner

It's still a little ways from an actual release, but it looks like the folks at Ennova Direct just couldn't help themselves from announcing that they've received a patent for a newfangled biometric USB flash drive that packs a built-in OLED screen. Even better, that OLED screen apparently actually doubles as the fingerprint scanner, which may not add much extra in terms of security, but should be good for at least a few gee whiz moments. The actual patent, however, isn't for that bit of convergence, but for the sliding mechanism that covers the screen when it's closed and pops out the USB connector when it's open. No word on pricing or capacities just yet, but it looks like the first few drives should be available under the ION Technologies brand sometime in the first quarter of 2010.


Nike Air Yeezy Release At Standard Peachtree!

You can now add the Standard Peachtree location on your list of “where the Air Yeezy’s are dropping.” According to the Standard Blog, they will have less then 10 pairs and will retail them for the box price of $215, not all the other ridiculous prices we’ve been hearing. Hit the link below to view their Air Yeezy guidelines for their store.

Info: Standard Blog

Fact 1: Shoes will retail for box-price of $215.00 plus sales tax.

Fact 2: We will not be able to hold a pair or pre-sell a pair to anyone…(so please do not ask).

Fact 3: The shoe will ONLY be available at our Peachtree location.

Fact 4: The line can form Tuesday, April 28 at 7pm, not any earlier.

Fact 5: Credit cards and debit cards are accepted with state issued ID…

Fact 6: We will be getting less than 10 pairs so one pair per person in line…

More facts are sure to come as the phone keeps ringing. Stay tuned and good luck


ACE For Men Fogless Shower Mirror.

I really want this mirror, somebody but it for me!

At $24, there’s probably no better in-shower investment than the Fogless Shower Mirror by ACE For Men. The best place to get a dreat shave is in the hot shower, but its also the most difficult and stressful thanks to fog. ACE For Men trumps this problem with its hi-tech mirror that features a patented water reservoir (which drains itself to prevent mildew); used to equalize the mirror and air temperature to eliminate fog. The mirror also comes with suction cups and a flexible razor holder.

Info: Grooming Lounge


PF Flyers Color Reveal Center Hi - Lupe Chuck T knockoff?

Im still a little bent on why these are even alive, seeing as earlier last week I posted the custom Lupe F patent leather Chuck T's - Why these PF's surfaced still confuses me. Set to return to the PF Flyers roster of favorites under an all new design, the Center Hi was originally debuted back in 1953. For fall of 2009, the shoe takes on a different demeanor with a modern patent leather upper. However, the difference in the design comes down to a color changing black patent leather which will crease, contrast and mold to the wearer’s foot. Along the way, the upper will take on various different hues of colors. Two versions are available in black to red and black to white. The suggested retail price is set at $110 USD.


DOPE - MADAME by positiu

Madame is the new collection of lamps designed by Oriol Llahona for ALMA LIGHT. Madame is a contemporary and urban collection inspired by the people who earned their living on the streets of the red district of Barcelona and in the Rue Saint-Denis in Paris and, more specifically, in regard to the work that in the decade of 50-60, photographer Joan Colom and the director Billy Wilder did in his film ’Irma la Douce’

Designer: Oriol Llahona (Spain)
Manufacturer: Alma Light (Spain)


New 32GB Apple iPhone.

Ever wondered what the baby of a MacBook Air and an iPhone 3G would look like? Well you can stop wondering. New on the scene from Apple, is the new 32GB iPhone 4G. Some of the new features include: a new even slimmer titanium body, a removable battery, dual speakers for music output, a 3.2 mega pixel camera, video capability,a slightly larger display, a microphone, and last but certainly not least, an iChat enabled camera located on the front of the phone, for video conference calls.

I don't think I've ever been this excited about a phone in my life. My guess on retail is maybe around $400-$500, but who cares right? Because when you think about it, that's a deal for having a device that does so much. I would recommend this phone to any and everyone. Apple has truly made a breakthrough in the way people use their cellphones today. This is the type of stuff people vision us being able to have decades ago. The famous cartoon series, "The Jetsons", depicted that in the future we would be using mobile devices with features and capabilities like that of the iPhone, and here you have it.

Well I know I'm getting it on the first day of release as usual, which has been rumored to be some time in June of this year. It's so incredible how fast technology is advancing in the world of today. To imagine that some people still don't even have the 1st iPhone. I promise you that this phone is well worth leaving whatever company you're presently with and paying that early termination fee. Trust me. I know. T-Mobile Sidekicks are toys, and Blackberry Storms and Sprint Touches and Sprint Instincts are a sad attempt at being blasphemous toward the Apple company.

So make sure not to get left behind in the technological advance of mobile devices. Be sure to get the new iPhone this summer.

Arab MONEY! Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz buys a 65-meter megayacht !

Despite the reports that the wealthy strata of the society is shying away from disclosing their luxury purchases, royalty knows no bounds. Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz of the Saudi royal family known for his ostentatious spending habits, has recently added a new 65-meter (213-foot) megayacht to his fleet of yachts. Nourah of Riyadh, is the largest motoryacht built to date in Turkey. The megayacht features opulent interiors done by Donald Starkey with gold-plated fixtures including taps and toilet. The yacht includes: six guest staterooms, accommodations for 21 crew, 20-person dining hall, main hall, 1 captain cabin, a king room, jacuzzi, a private cinema, 120 square meters of sunbathing and swimming platform, two elevators, and a helipad. The yacht was built at Yachtley, a shipyard located in the Kocaeli Free Zone. Turkish Foreign Trade Minister Kürşat Tüzmen was present at the handover ceremony says his country intends to remain at the forefront of yacht construction. “This is a clear sign that we are growing fast in shipbuilding. Our experts have already started preparations to build a 75-meter yacht here in Kocaeli.” Reportedly, the yacht has been built for a cost of 50 million Euros (approx. $65 million).

Via: MegayachtNews/Patronturk


Booty call agreement!


2009 Vorsteiner Porsche 997 V-RT Edition Turbo


The Sunken Tub - DOPE!

Dopest bath tub ever? I think so. The Sunken Tub by Italian designers Ludovica and Roberto Palomba for the KOS Italy. This bath like pool is a part of the FARAWAY collection and includes illuminating stars and overspill collector. More pics after the jump.


the sunken tub 4 300x200 The Sunken Tub

the sunken tub 3 300x200 The Sunken Tub

the sunken tub 2 300x200 The Sunken Tub

the sunken tub 1 300x200 The Sunken Tub

the sunken tub 300x200 The Sunken Tub

Glow In The Dark Y!




Nike Sportswear Air Yeezy Black/Pink

As April comes to an end, it means two things, College’s are letting out, and the second colorway of the Air Yeezys are going to be released on May 2nd. Just like last month, friends and family of Mr. West received their pair of Yeezys early and now Ferrari Murakami has posted his pair as well as how they look while worn. Hit the link below to view an additional image.

Nice Kicks Nike Air Yeezy Giveaway - Round 2

Another pair of Nike Air Yeezys will release next week and so too is another chance to win a pair for free compliments of Nice Kicks. This contest is reserved solely for those who follow Nice Kicks on twitter. If you would like to enter, all you have to do is follow these easy steps below:

1) Follow Nice Kicks on twitter. (@nicekicks)

2) Tweet the following:

Just entered to win a pair of Air Yeezys at Just follow @nicekicks and retweet.

You can enter this contest multiple times by tweeting this exact message once a day.

Nice Kicks will choose at random and announce the winner on May 1st at noon EST. If chosen winner does not reply to @nicekicks within 10 minutes, a new winner will be selected and given the same opportunity to respond. Good luck to all!


Air Jordan 4 Fusion-White/Cement

Heres a first look at the Air Jordan 4 Fusion in White/Cement colorway. I’ll admit this is not going to be classic like all the other cement colored Jordan’s but still looks decent for a fusion. . . wait no nevermind the more I stare at this shoe the more I don’t like it. Fusion no, Retro yes, hopefully Jordan will start listening. Release date has not been set but expect more info soon. Available now at Marqueesole. More pics after the jump.



Louis Vuitton Bill Clip

The Louis V Bill Clip

Holds up to 30 bills(hundos only).

Buy it here.



Standard x DC Shoes Admiral High

Standard ATL hits us with a look into their new collaboration alongside DC Shoes, utilizing the popular Admiral High model from the DC LIFE Collection.

After years of having their feet planted firmly in the Atlanta lifestyle market, Standard opened the doors to it’s second location in Lenox Square. To commemorate the expansion, Standard has partnered up American footwear giant DC Shoes for their first collaborative efforts. The goal in this collaboration was to represent design elements that have always been strongly present in the motif of Standard. The true red color embodies the strong presence of red accents at both locations along with the green laces and insole, which represent the artificial turf that covers the floor at the new store, as well as the live turf used at various events at the original location.


Iron Man Figure By TK/Silly Thing

Last week we got a first teaser look at the upcoming Iron Man figure that was designed by TK and his Silly Thing team. Here now via BBC a first full look. The figure got the gun metal treatment on the upper and features a blue lit heart. After the recent project with Medicom on the Beatles, this is yet another interesting project by the Hong Kong crew.

Puma x Gumball 3000 | Speed Cat 2.9 Mid Gumball

The 11th Gumball 3000 rally is starting next month and for the occasion one of their sponsors, Puma, has produced the Speed Cat 2.9 Mid Gumball driving shoe. The sneaker comes in a black/silver colorway with the Gumball logo appearing on the tongue and the rally route printed on the in-sole. The outer sole was inspired by racing tires. The rally route includes several visits of Puma flagship stores, on which occasion they will also release a special t-shirt.
gumball-3000-puma-sneakers-1-150x150 Puma x Gumball 3000 | Speed Cat 2.9 Mid Gumball gumball-3000-puma-sneakers-2-150x150 Puma x Gumball 3000 | Speed Cat 2.9 Mid Gumball gumball-3000-puma-sneakers-3-150x150 Puma x Gumball 3000 | Speed Cat 2.9 Mid Gumball

Carbon fiber fish sculptures made from F1 car parts .

This is something we can certainly expect from a man who spent 14 years with Formula One, four as lead mechanic for the Benetton F1 team and 10 as race team chief mechanic for BAR Honda Grand Prix Team. After a 22-year career, Alastair Gibson looked at similarities between modern Grand Prix cars and game fish and developed a series of fish sculptures using F1 parts. These motorsports-influenced sculptures of fish have a carbon fiber body and each fish sculpture comes with a spec sheet that shows the details of the specific parts added to it. Pictured above is a brown trout, whose tail fin is made of floor stays and is mounted on a plank from the underside of Jensen Button’s 2006 Hungarian Grand Prix winning car. The hammerhead shark is mounted on a gearbox pull rod of the Hungarian GP car and its eyes are from rear wheel tether gearbox side shrouds. There is one called Racing Mako, which is two and a half meters long and uses real parts from F1 cars.


Artopz’ Eclipz media center blends technology with luxury design

Working with a vision to combine the latest computer technology with unique design, Artopz aims to integrate the latest in media and entertainment with luxury home décor with its latest offering – the Eclipz. Officially launched at the CES 2009 show in Las Vegas, the Eclipz reflects the lifestyle and values of discerning consumers that value high functionality and contemporary design. It’s the first product in the company’s home entertainment center line. The Eclipz incorporates all the goodies of a luxurious and high-tech home entertainment center, including full HD playback, Blu-ray video, Skype integration, low noise construction, fiber optic LED light panels and much more. The pod’s lighting can be adjusted to suit your liking; you can use it as mood lighting or a soft light that informs you of an incoming Skype call. Offering the customer a wide range of customization options, each Eclipz piece is custom designed for individual customers. The options include interactive accent lighting, multiple pod opening options and a range of shell finishes.


Futuristic Honda CB 750 motorcycle features on-board computer controls.

The 2015 Honda CB 750 by Igor Chak is a futuristic motorcycle concept that has it all to impress bike lovers with its advanced features. The cool bike concept balances attention and distraction while driving. The bike features an on-board computer, which can be controlled through a 5” OLED multi-touch display positioned right on the fuel tank. There are three menus: GPS, Drive modes and diagnostics mode. And it also features radar technology to “sense an upcoming head-on collision and will automatically slow the bike.” This eco-ride is powered with a four-cylinder liquid hydrogen engine and has a six-speed dual-clutch transmission with electronic lurch and traction control. Almost every feature can be electronically tuned including the front and rear suspension, drive mode etc. - most of these features can be manually disabled to suit the driver simultaneously. Sensors show readouts updating every 1/10 a second and can adjust everything on the fly. The cool prototype features aerodynamic construction which makes it one helluva ride.

Hollister motorcycles redefine the notion of custom bikes .

For designer bike lovers who treasure their Harleys but are looking to explore the custom-made territory to add to their rich collection, Hollister’s custom and unique motorcycle offers are custom bikes with the personal tastes of customers, specifically designed and then implemented. Hollister bikes are cult works with handmade components. The latest creation from Volker Sichler is the “Excite,” a limited edition which started in 2003 with one motorcycle for each state in the Federal Republic of Germany, and one for each European country. Each bike takes 6 months to manufacture; the resulting weight is 280 Kg. The sexy beast features an EVOLUTION 100 motor fully polished with 100 cui / 1.600 ccm cylinder stroke volume performing 90 PS, one-piece aluminium frame, with enamel coating which appears to change color lending the bike its unmistakable appearance. The dazzling looks are complemented with technical details such as the “multi-bike controller,” an electronic module integrated out of sight but controlling the important functions centrally – from the press-button ignition to the remote control alarm system. Hollister bikes are priced from $66,251 to $132,549.

Buying Women Drinks......

Most of us could use a little social lubricant every once in a while. It certainly is a lot easier to let your guard down and get up the courage to talk to the object of your affection after a few drinks. So you might assume that buying a woman drinks all night is the best way to get her to open up so you can make some progress (whether that progress is to the bedroom or toward a relationship). Well, be advised: This plan can backfire on you with disastrous results if you don’t follow the proper guidelines when it comes to buying women drinks.

Don’t get her drunk

Drinking certainly doesn’t bring out the best in everyone. While a drink or two might help you become the most suave and confident version of yourself, the same amount of alcohol might turn her irritable and depressed. After you buy her a few drinks, the girl you originally hit on may become a totally different and -- let’s face it -- a way lamer person. You may find yourself stuck on the business end of an endless tirade against her ex-boyfriend. Or you may simply find her drunken ramblings boring.

If you keep buying a woman drinks after the point where she seems like she’s been "overserved," she could get sick. That’s about as far from sexy as you can get, and you don’t want to end up holding her hair over the toilet or hauling her into a cab at the end of the night. Sure, it’s intimate -- but not in the way you were hoping for.

The point is not to get her drunk, but to break the ice and make it easier to get to know each other. You might think that getting her wasted will make you more attractive to her, but beer goggles don’t work the same way for women as they do for men. In fact, a British study showed that the effect wears off much more quickly for women.

Ask her what she’s drinking

Instead of coming right out and asking, “Can I buy you a drink?” try taking a more assertive approach by asking what she’s drinking. She will appreciate that you bothered to ask before buying her a drink and you’ll avoid wasting money on a cocktail she doesn’t like. Also, by not referring to buying the drink, you may be able to avoid her responding with, “I can buy my own drinks, thank you.”

Run a tab

If you keep a tab instead of paying for each drink as it comes, you can avoid actually flashing the money in front of her, which some women may find arrogant. Instead, settle up your bill at the end of the night to keep her mind on you and not on your wallet.

Pace yourself

Challenging your buddy to see which one of you can drink the other under the table is one thing, but getting competitive with a woman you’re trying to pick up is quite another. First of all, the more sober you are, the better chance you have of getting her number, making a good impression and seeing her again. Second, she will probably sip her drink at about the same pace that you drink yours (whether or not she realizes it -- it's something we tend to do unconsciously), so avoid knocking back your drinks too quickly. Chances are you can hold your liquor a little better than she can (there are exceptions, of course, but we’re speaking generally here), and if she’s keeping up with you, you’re probably not going to end up with the situation you were aiming for. Keep it to about two drinks and you should be okay.

Hold it with the shots

Ordering shots for your guys can seem like a spontaneous way to up the excitement, but it basically signifies a shift of gears from a relaxed evening of flirtation to a crazy night out where anything can happen. Sounds fun, but you should know by now that things can go very, very badly when you decide to go on a mini bender with a stranger. Save the insanity for a night with the guys or with a girl you know a little better.

Don't be a douchey drinker

Whether your ultimate goal is one hot night of passion or a long-term committed relationship, starting out on the messy drunk foot is never a good idea. Buying her a drink can be a great way to start a conversation with a girl that has caught your eye, but if you go overboard it will get complicated faster than you can order another round of shots.

Making A Sex Tape

You've thought about it. Being part of a modern couple that doesn't subscribe to traditional sexual mores, you've even discussed it with your girlfriend. Videotaping yourselves having sex -- it sounds like a good idea, but it's a very subtle art and not one to be jumped into lightly. When done right, taping yourselves in the act can bring you closer together as a couple. However, there are several pitfalls that must be avoided to ensure that your video is a make rather than break moment for your relationship. With a little knowledge and preparation, you can be sure that your first video won't be your last.

The equipment

Relax, we're talking about the camera (we'll get to your “equipment” in a moment). When making a quality home movie, it's all about the camera. Though they may be easy and readily available, avoid webcams; the resolution sucks and it's tethered to your computer. Besides, if you're going to tape yourself having sex from 10 feet across the room, you may as well be watching strangers doing it.

Invest in a reliable, lightweight MiniDV camera. You don't need to go out and buy a pro‐grade HDV camcorder -- the bells and whistles on a high‐end camera might be nice, but the likelihood of you needing to rack focus in the bedroom is nil. You want something that has a decent resolution and is small for easy handling.


We realize that you're a generally tidy guy, but the camera is going to see things that you couldn't possibly with any amount of neck craning. Problem areas to consider are your back, ass and perineum. Things to look out for are spots and strange hairs -- the last thing you want is for her to be distracted by the whitehead on the left cheek of your butt. If you have hair on your perineum and in your crack (and who doesn't) you don't have to shave those areas, but do consider undertaking some serious manscaping to make things a bit more viewer‐friendly.

Also consider taking a shower before the big shoot. This will allow you to take full stock of any problem areas on your body and deal with them. It will also ensure that any hair south of the border is clean and fluffy.

Performance enhancement

We know you're good in bed, but even the best of us can have an off day -- the kind of day where we have to try our damnedest not to finish too soon past the starting gates. You have your bag of tricks that will help you sustain and fend off orgasm, but they won't help you while you're looking at yourself in the act on a 3-inch LCD screen. This is where a shower just prior to taping can be helpful. While on whitehead and stray hair detail, take yourself on a trial run just to take the edge off during sex.

Also helpful would be a glass of wine. In fact, if you each have a romantic glass of wine before moving things to the bedroom, you'll have less performance anxiety and be more comfortable while taping. We know it sounds strange to say, "drink and masturbate before taping yourself having sex," but the last thing you want is for your big-screen debut to be over before the opening credits -- remember that the tape will have a time code quantifying your sexual prowess.

Sharing POV

It's as important to switch camera angles as it is to switch sexual positions. Though it's tempting to always be the voyeur, the point of buying a small, lightweight camera is to be able to pass it back and forth to each other with relative ease. Give her the opportunity to film you. Allow her to choose what she wants to see in a film of the two of you. Otherwise you're just making a sex tape of some headless stranger plowing your girlfriend. If you're both in the film, it's more likely to bring you together and make her feel less self‐conscious on review. And if she likes the results, she's more likely to want to do it again.


Before taping any sexual act, talk about tape proprietorship. For the privacy of each person involved, only one copy should ever exist. Never upload it to a computer or transfer it to an alternate format -- that's how third parties get the opportunity to lay their eyes on your private things. The gentlemanly thing to do is to let your girlfriend keep it, but with strings attached. For instance, make a pact for joint destruction of the tape in the event of your breakup. For mutual assurance, the responsible arrangement is to keep the tape for only a few weeks, watch it again, and then erase it together.

Do it for fun -- not blackmail

It should go without saying that making a sex tape should only proceed with the consent of both partners. Should you surreptitiously tape any sex act, you will suffer the same fate as Billy Baldwin in Flatliners -- that's just science.

Player-Hating Women......

Now that you’ve taken the easy route and learned about the Player-loving women, it’s time to up the ante and present you with the Player-hating women. These are the ladies who are averse to the style and traits a Player possesses, and you need to be able to recognize them. Once spotted, you can opt to pursue or avoid but if you decide to pursue, prepare for a challenge. These types of women are typically wary of men who sidle up with less-than-honorable intentions. Their radar constantly scans the immediate vicinity; they’re on high alert for the guy who may disrespect them in some way and they’re not about to simper and smile in the wake of your significant charm. In fact, they likely relish the opportunity to take you down a peg, so you’re not merely facing a fortress wall -- you’re also facing down the aggressive enemy within. Your job is to determine whether or not the possible payoff is worth the aggravation.

The man-hating feminist

Armed with a keen desire to elevate the position of women, some extreme feminists see the worst in all men. The man-hating feminist is, in many ways, the sworn enemy of the Player. It’s her belief that the concept of the “ladies' man” is little more than males behaving badly and taking advantage of women, and her attitude is a big obstacle. Essentially, it’s best if you maintain the relaxed, open front of a nice guy. Keep your chin up and simply answer her questions with a twinkle in your eye. Even if you're prepared to take her on, though, hitting up the man-hating feminist is a last-resort situation.

The super-ambitious career woman

Falling just shy of the “workaholic” label, she identifies herself with her work. She is proud of what she does and she expects others to recognize the fact that she won’t be slacking off for the sake of romance; she won’t be leaving the office early just to meet you for a drink. She has goals for herself and the company, and there simply isn’t any room for a man whose priorities are so very different. Well, your priorities aren’t that different, and her philosophy actually plays directly into your hands: Because she admittedly doesn’t have the time for romance, that also means she doesn’t have time for a long-term, committed relationship. But does that mean she can’t have fun? Does that mean she has to live without caring and tenderness? No matter how dedicated she is to her job, she can’t possibly deny the need for a little physical therapy every now and then.

The single mom

Any good Player is well aware of the pitfalls associated with the single mom, and there’s a good chance she blames a man for her current single status. So not only is she on the vigilant lookout for a man who won’t remind her of her former beau, but she probably also has some deep-seated biases against men. All she really wants is a father for her kid and a husband, but you should convince her that she has time to realize her dreams, and there’s nothing wrong with becoming intimate without monogamous hang-ups. It’s important to make one thing clear in your conversations with her, however: You are not against the idea of family and everlasting love and in reality, you believe it’s necessary for the successful continuation of civilization. You applaud those who can do it, but you’re simply not cut out for it.

The woman scorned

This is the woman who has just come off a bad breakup and can’t stand the sight of men. Regardless of what may have happened, it was most certainly the guy’s fault, and she’s currently convinced that all men are scum. This puts you in an especially bad position, primarily because she will identify you with the exact type of guy who might run her through the shredder again. In fact, you might be the recipient of a torrid outburst that, although it’s indirectly related to you, remains a little humiliating and will definitely be something you don't want to hear. First, you need to calm her down and convince her of the irrationality of her train of thought. Try, “I got dumped a few weeks ago but I don’t blame all women,” and then you can proceed to get her to laugh at herself. Once you’re at this point, the ball’s in your court.

Don't hate the player, hate the game

For every woman out there who gravitates towards the Player and is comfortable with his ethos, there’s a woman who has the opposite polarity. If you want to overcome the inherent difficulties involved with each Player-hating woman listed above, you’re going to need a healthy supply of reserves and alternate tactics. Then again, some women just aren’t worth the effort.

Break Up With Her Gently......

By Justin Prugh

You’ve recognized the signs, abandoned hope of resuscitation, and come to a decision: It’s time to end your relationship. But before devastating your girlfriend’s heart with a direct hit from the breakup bomb, consider the alternative. With adequate preparation and tact, you can let her down gently, thereby minimizing damage and safeguarding your romantic reputation. When you’re ready to hit her with the bad news, use these tips to soften the blow.

Know what to say

Once you’ve initiated the breakup talk, each word will carry the weight of a freight train, so don’t walk into this cold. Instead, collect your thoughts, commit them to memory and rehearse. A few run-throughs will help you refine your choice of language, get familiar with the terrain and prevent the need for improvisation, which has a nasty habit of steering you into territory that will crush her.

Choose the right setting

Some circumstances lend themselves to an amicable farewell, others twist the knife. Opt for the former by choosing a neutral location. Otherwise, she’ll link her favorite spots around town to a tearful goodbye. Once you’ve found your drop zone, focus on timing. Her schedule has its own demands, and she may not meet an important deadline if she’s an emotional wreck. Finally, pencil her in for a time when she has an hour or more to spare. A respectful breakup isn’t an “oh, and by the way.” Plus, she’ll appreciate having time afterward to reapply her mascara.

Be honest

Lying is fine when your naïve cousin asks how much you bench press, but when it comes to backing out of a relationship, the facts will be your salvation. This isn’t permission to inform your girlfriend of her every shortcoming. Getting dumped stings enough as it is, and guys who add insult to injury are begging for pepper spray. If you must, sugarcoat the particularly brutal aspects to help her stomach your spiel.

Avoid blame

Fault shouldn’t rest wholly on either person’s shoulders. Pinning her with the scarlet letter will forever brand you as a jerk, not to mention accelerate her emotional anguish. On the other hand, refrain from assuming responsibility with a version of the trite “It’s not you, it’s me” line. Your best bet is to shy away from pointing fingers and direct attention at the central issue: incompatibility.

Be empathetic

Your side of the breakup is no picnic, but your girlfriend will undoubtedly take the brunt of the impact. Trying on her shoes will give you insight about the pain you will inflict and it might help you figure out how to cushion her fall. As a bonus, empathy will also help you anticipate her questions and dodge potential land mines.

Don’t get into a fight

This conversation could push your girlfriend to the end of her fuse, regardless of its length. If she loses her temper, keep yours. Attempts to provoke you may take many forms -- accusations, insults, a thrown purse -- but your response shouldn’t waver. Listen to what she’s saying, breathe, and whatever you do, don’t tell her to calm down. As your composure remains intact, the heat of the moment will pass, as will her desire to kick you in the crotch.

Be prepared to cut off your speech

No matter how delicately you reveal your intention to call it quits, she might get the picture before your finale and yearn to retreat to a pint of fudge ripple. If this happens, don’t chat her out the door. Understand that she’s trying to salvage the pieces of a shattered ego and doesn’t want to be seen in a compromised condition. She’ll follow up if she needs closure, and rest assured, she’ll have the decency to hear you out.

Keep your distance

From the moment you go your separate ways, give her plenty of physical space. (That means staying alert at your usual rendezvous spots to preempt awkward encounters.) She’ll use the time to analyze recent events, adjust to your absence and potentially flush everything you ever gave her down the toilet. However, the lines of communication should remain open. Correspondence should be balanced, but fall short of giving her false hope.

Don’t discuss your new relationship

After “It’s over” has sunk in, your ex may seek clarification about what your new roles entail. Of course, only time will tell if settling into the rhythm of a friendship is feasible, so don’t insist, “We can still be friends.” Getting back on speaking terms will be your first milestone, and it’s easy to build civility from there.

Tact pays

Unfortunately, breakups hurt, and her initial reaction will probably reflect that. Nevertheless, take comfort in knowing that you’ve left the relationship by taking the high road. Your efforts to end things mercifully will show in her recovery and your improved chances of dating her hot friends in the months that follow.

Dope 3D artwork!

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Limited Edition Mercedez-Benz Carbon Fiber Bicycle

While a little outdated, still worthy of writing about on here. Back in 2006 Mercedes-Benz had a bike collection, in which their flagship model was a $3,670 ultra-lightweight carbon fiber frame.

The bike frame weighs just 18 pounds, and is targeted at both amateurs and professional cyclists. As with a Mercedes vehicle, you can expect high-end components to be used. The bike utilizes a Shimano (Dura-Ace) drive system, gears, brakes, and wheels.
Only 199 units were made, so consider yourself lucky if you’re able to find one.

[Source: eMercedesBenz]