Air Jordan XI “Concord” Retro Confirmed - D R O O L

If anyone really knows me, these are my ALL time Favorite sneakers.....Period.
Following endless speculation throughout the past few months it looks the the AJ XI “Concord” will finally see a second retro in 2011. The shoes are set for a release in the latter part of the year, more than likely around the same time as the past two XI releases in the Space Jam and Cool Grey. Stay tuned for official sample images but until then the confirmed chart can be seen here, with retailers getting a first crack in October. Let the hype begin.
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Vans California 31 CA – Black & Grey Suede

The Vans California family have added a new silhouette to an already impressive range. Offered in complementing Grey and Black colourways, the 31 CA holds true to the classic Vans aesthetic with a slightly premium feel. Harnessing cues from retro tennis sneakers, the shoes feature buttery suede uppers and contrasting brown nubuck toe tip and back heel strap. Both are priced at an affordable $65 and are available now through David Z.

See more at Vans California 31 CA – Black & Grey Suede


Supra Skytop II “Air Max 95″

Supra has begun to reveal its newest series of colorways for this year’s spring collection. Standing out amongst the crowd is this Skytop II model which draws inspiration from the classic colorway first brought to the fore by Nike’s Air Max 95. Accented with neon elements, the shoe makes its way through the gradients from white at the top to black at the base of the boot. Material wise, the collar is wrapped in mesh whilst the remainder is dressed in a delicate suede.
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Damien Hirst - DOPE!


**WOMENS** Gucci handmade leather bag makes a style statement for the working women

Gucci is known to bring fashion to every flatter ever inch of you, right from belts to shoes to bags and clutches. And now they bring for you a handmade large leather top handle bag, a perfect companion for the working woman in you. The Italian-made bag spots braided detailing, goldtone hardware that offers a turnlock flap to close. The insides are lined in suede and there are special pockets to house your cell phone and PDA. 15-inch wide, 12-inch high and 6-inch deep bag also comes with a 3-inch double handle drop. Each bag is priced at $5,300.


Amosu Couture adds bling to the Blackberry Bold 9780 with a 24 carat mirror gold finish

As Blackberry continues to garner more interest in the gadget world with its playbook tablet, Amosu Couture has decided to reintroduce the new Blackberry Bold 9780 with a big serving of opulence. Unlike the older variants of the Blackberry bold which saw Gold, Diamonds and Ostrich skin accents, the Amosu Couture version comes plated in 24 carat gold in mirror finish, and the Midas touch extends to the keypad too! Priced at £1250 ($1,990) for a fresh piece, you can get your existing Blackberry Bold 9780 with the gold mirror sheen for an £550 ($875).


Random shot.

There is something sexy about a woman cooking in panties. Just my .02


What Women Look For In A Mate

  • Better Man in brief ...
  • You probably don't have much control over the biological selection criteria.
  • Women are programmed to look for traits that imply virility.
  • In addition, women frequently seek out intellectual and caring partners.
"Men primed to consider mating preferred to purchase goods that others would notice."

In the mating game, men and women most likely have access to a variety of conscious and unconscious strategies that they employ to secure both short-term and long-term partners. These strategies were developed over millions of years of evolution, and we’re still programmed to use them today. Although science is far from having all the answers to why we behave in the ways we do, hypotheses and theories to explain our desires abound. Here are a few of the physical and psychological traits that research suggests women are looking for in a man.

1- Bad boys

In 2009, a study by Peter Jonason of New Mexico State University and his colleagues found that men who rated higher on measures of narcissism, Machiavellianism and psychopathy, or what is often referred to as the “dark triad” of traits, are likely to have more sexual partners than other men. David Schmitt, an author on this study, reported similar findings after he surveyed over 35,000 people across more than 50 cultures. While it is unclear exactly why women might be interested in these men, one possibility is that they represent a short-term mating strategy for cavewomen. For example, if the quality of a bad boy’s genetic material is perceived by a woman to be higher than that of her present partner, pursuing a secret sexual encounter with such a man may be appealing. Another option is that because extroversion and the ability to be charming tend to accompany the “dark triad,” a woman may be deceived into thinking her new lover plans to stick around when in fact he has no such intention.

2- Material support

In 2007, Vladas Griskevicius of Arizona State University and his colleagues published a study in which they demonstrated that men in a romantic mind frame were more likely than men in a neutral mind frame to spend a fictional $5,000 on luxury items. The interesting point here was that these luxury items were conspicuous -- that is, men primed to consider mating preferred to purchase goods that others would notice. The interpretation of these findings is that if women have a biological bias toward men that can provide for them, in the modern world, one way for a man to signal his ability to provide is via conspicuous consumption.

3- Great conversationalist

For women, relationship building happens with everyone all the time. To our ancestors, the ability to form social networks was vital to ensuring the survival of one’s self and children. Furthermore, the way women tend to solidify social ties is by discussing their daily lives and personal struggles. Men, on the other hand, are more hard-wired than women to problem solve and therefore often don’t understand women’s need to feel close through discussion of hardships. Should you be able to suppress your urge to fix her dilemmas, however, she’ll wind up feeling emotionally closer to you, which for many women translates to physical intimacy. If you’re not sure how to be a great conversationalist, don’t worry, because it basically involves being a good listener rather than doing much talking yourself.

4- Feminine and masculine faces

Depending on where they are in their menstrual cycle, women show a preference for different types of male faces. During ovulation, it appears that women favor masculine male faces with such features as a robust jaw line. At other times of the month, however, women indicate they find more feminine male faces, such as those with softer features, more attractive. Evolutionary psychologists have interpreted this data to mean that while women may seek out males with a high degree of facial masculinity for short-term sexual prospects, they tend to form longer-lasting relationships with men that have softer facial features because these men may have been more likely in prehistoric times to hang around and help raise children.

Your natural smell is hugely important to women."

5- Systematizing abilities and extraversion

Men who are extroverted and good with manipulating tools or technology may have an evolutionary advantage, as their ancestors might have been better at mastering their environment. As a result of the higher social status and increased chances for survival that these abilities conferred back in the day, women are programmed to be drawn towards these traits in a man.

6- Intelligence

Online daters, take note! A recent study by Monica Whitty and Tom Buchanan, published in 2010, examined the appeal of a screen name in both men and women when it comes to internet dating. While men were more likely to contact women with screen names that were suggestive of physical attractiveness or sex appeal, women went more for men whose handles were indicative of intellectual characteristics.

7- Low anxiety

A man’s attachment style can have an effect on his ability to find and keep a mate. In a study on speed dating, men with an insecure or anxious attachment style were less successful in finding a match than men with secure attachment styles. In adults, researchers have discerned four attachment styles that are largely derived from an individual’s childhood experiences.

8- Smell

Your natural smell is hugely important to women. Many studies have found that women not taking the pill are more attracted to the scent of men whose major histocompatibility complex (MHC) is extremely different from theirs. Essentially, if she likes the way you smell, it is nature’s way of telling her that the two of you will make a good genetic match.

9- Face symmetry

While facial symmetry is a physical trait that both men and women find desirable in the opposite sex, a study by Randy Thornhill, Steven Gangestad and Randall Comer has reported that women are more likely to orgasm during sex with a man whose face is symmetric.

Evolved to mate

Many of the mate selection factors listed here are beyond an individual’s control, pointing perhaps to the notion that we have less power over our desires than we tend to believe. At the same time, huge variations in individual preferences and the fact that we’re far from understanding the intricacies of human mating behavior mean that you should take heart; you’re probably doing more things right when it comes to attracting women than you'd think.

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Johnny Kelly painted a pair of wooden clogs to look like Nike shoes for the Nike78 exhibition.


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Renovated Loft With Industrial Interior Design

This space already was a local stables, a bomb shelter and a print shop. It took only eight months to turn it into a modern living space where industrial and raw materials meet modern ones. There are two floors where the first one is occupied by lounge, kitchen, dinning and office areas. The second floor in contrary features only private areas. The interior features a lot of elements from old times that have been manually restored. Thanks to large windows in metal frames there is a lot of natural light. This loft is a nice example that even raw materials can be used to create a warm, comfortable and cozy living space.


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@liltunechi - Lil Wayne will tour again!

Lil Tunechi is inviting his entire Young Money squad out to hit the road with him on his country-wide tour. It’s going to be interesting to see how Lil Chuckee and Lil Twist hold their own with the rest of the rap royal family.
Fans who missed Lil Wayne during his yearlong stint behind bars will get a chance to show their love for the multiplatinum rapper in person: He’s kicking off a 25-city tour in March with an all-star supporting cast.

Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, Travis Barker and Mixmaster Mike will accompany Lil Wayne on his “I Am Music II” tour, which will start in Buffalo, N.Y., on March 18 and hit cities such as Atlanta, Miami, Washington and his hometown of New Orleans.

Although Lil Wayne released the album “I Am Not a Human Being” while in a New York jail for a weapons charge last year, he’s gearing up for a big return to the scene in 2011. He’s got a hit “6 Foot 7 Foot” and is due to release “Tha Carter IV” this spring.

We’ll have our tickets ready, the question is, will you?


Arena District Shooting Sends 1 To Hospital - Wow.

Man Arrested in Arena District Shooting

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- A shooting suspect who, police say, officers saw shoot a man near the intersection of Vine and Wall streets in downtown Columbus is in police custody.

About 2 a.m. Thursday, two Columbus Divison of Police officers working special duty at a business near the intersection  witnessed an altercation between a group of individuals on the sidewalk and three people in a pickup truck. 

One individual from the group on the sidewalk pulled a gun and fired into the truck, striking a passenger multiple times. The officers chased the suspect on foot as he ran away with the gun in his hand, according to CDP spokesperson Sgt. Rich Weiner. 

One of the officers fired his weapon at the suspect during the chase. The suspect was not hit and he continued to flee until being caught by other officers just a short distance away.

Other officers working in the area heard the shots, responded to the area and observed a minivan leave an adjacent parking lot at a high rate of speed without headlights on. 

Upon exiting the parking lot, the van struck multiple cars and sped away.  The van was stopped near the intersection of Neil Avenue and Goodale Street, Sgt. Weiner said.

The driver of the van was taken into custody.  Investigators determined the driver of the van was not associated with the altercation or the shooting.  Charges, unrelated to the shooting, are pending against the driver.

The victim was transported to Grant Hospital in critical condition with multiple gunshot wounds, being later upgraded to stable condition, police said.  The handgun used by the suspect was recovered.

The suspect has been identified as 21-year-old Johnny Lanekhamdeng, of Groveport. He is charged with one count of felonious assault, a second-degree felony. Police say additional charges are pending.

As in all police involved shootings, the involved officer(s) will receive mandated psychological support counseling. Officers are also afforded an opportunity to take leave time to assist in recovery from a traumatic experience.

Sgt. Weiner said the incident will be investigated by the Critical Incident Response Team (made up of specially trained investigators from the Homicide Squad), and the Firearms / Police-Involved Death Review Board. 

The final investigative package will be forwarded to the Columbus Division of Police, Chain-Of-Command for review.
Crazy thing is, I had just left about 30 minutes before all this happen.....


Call of Duty - Black Ops - ADD ME!

Trying to get schooled on some C.O.D tonight? - Add my PlayStation ID @ CALDW3L


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**WOMENS** Louboutin Inspired Nail Art

We recently posted Christian Louboutin’s Spring lookbook, and clearly he is having a moment, as epitomized by this manicure which pays tribute to his signature red soles. Imagine how much further you could take this with either sparkles or studs rather than just black? We look forward to further interpretations of this very next level nail art innovation. Via Fashionistaz.


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HTC HD2 is capable of dual-booting Android and Windows Phone 7, both OS sharing one SD card

HTC HD2 turned quite capable device and its loyal users seem to have no intention of abandoning it any time soon. The latest achievement HD2 has accomplished is dual-booting Android and Windows Phone 7, both of them installed on the same memory card. Pretty intriguing, right?
After porting Android and Windows Phone 7, triple-booting Android, Windows Mobile and Ubuntu, the guys at the XDA Developers have outdone themselves once again. The HD2 users are now capable of booting two of the hottest mobile operating systems straight from a single SD card.

If you decide going this way, be prepared of losing information, operating system, warranty, etc.
The process requires some work and is not that easy, but you’ve done similar hacks beforeр you shouldn’t have any problems.

You can find the complete tutorial here.


U-Socket AC and USB Power Outlet by FastMac

Via @engadget, the U-Socket AC receptacle with built-in USB power ports. Standard and Decora available. USB stays off until connected. This can save you up to $25 per year in reduced energy costs says FastMac.



Okay, so i think i have found a new favorite graphic artist. See more of his gallery here. I'm going to try and get an exclusive here soon. Stay tuned.


**ARTISTIC** Workouts -

By. johnnyrocwell

I dont know about you, but I feel safer already!


Gourmet DUE L Black/White

Gourmet mixes things up a bit as the brand introduces a canvas/leather combo version of its staple DUE silhouette. The shoes are offered in a simple black and white colorway with choice premium materials, adding plenty of contrast as well as another reason to admire the continued growth of the footwear label. For those interested, these are now in stock at Dunk, along with other fine Gourmet accounts.


mBrace Adds A Handle To Your MacBook Pro

The mBrace is a conceptual handle for your unibody MacBook Pro. You just slip the handle through the opening beneath the screen. $75,000 investment's being sought over at Kickstarter now.

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Jawbone ERA Bluetooth Headset

Jawbone ERA is the only Bluetooth headset equipped with military-grade NoiseAssasin 3.0, the latest version of Jawbone’s industry-first noise and wind canceling technology. Originally developed for use by tank commanders and helicopter pilots, NoiseAssassin 3.0 eliminates background noise better than any other headset. It also auto-adjusts inbound call volume and intelligibility to your environment. Whether you’re at a noisy ball game or on the road, you’ll always hear and be heard. For further information on the device or to purchase please visit


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Holding off on First-Date Sex:

  • Better Man in brief ...
  • Waiting to have sex creates anticipation -- imagine how good it will be.
  • Do you think she's a slut? Good. Then don't treat her like one with first-date sex.
  • Passing on the first date gives you time to do your homework (she might be crazy).
"It’s quite an anticlimax to get to know each other after you’ve already had sex."

She’s hot, you’re eager and there’s so much sexual tension, you are one drink away from suggesting you go back to your place. Stop! It actually could be better if you don’t see each other naked on the first date. No, really. Not only will she be flattered that you don’t see her as nothing but a piece of meat, but keeping your pants on could be good for you too. So if you’re interested in pursuing a relationship with her, it’s probably in your best interest to take that cold shower.

Here are some reasons first-date sex is best left undone.

Waiting creates anticipation

In our quick-fix society, anticipation has been shoved away in favor of immediate pleasure. But waiting a little longer before having sex in a romantic relationship is important because it gives you something to look forward to. If you enjoy the main prize of sex on a first date, you’re starting the process back to front. It’s quite an anticlimax to get to know each other after you’ve already had sex.

Waiting creates challenge

If you don’t let yourself get hot and heavy right away, you can create challenge. This means letting her do some work in chasing you, as well as moving slowly and then holding back a bit so that her interest is raised. It doesn’t take a genius to see how this strategy could be ruined by having sex too quickly. If you indulge in first-date sex, you’re showing her you’re very interested right off the bat, which makes it more difficult to be a bit distant afterward if you are keen on pursuing a real relationship. It could also make her think a relationship with you is a done deal (you know how some women still view sex as synonymous with coupledom).

Waiting shows you don’t think she’s a slut

If you’re quick to show her the way to your bedroom, she might think you view her as nothing but a cheap date. She’ll think you see her as someone who does this with all the men she meets. And chances are, she’ll be right. So hold off on sex for now. Although she’s attracted to you, ultimately she wants to know you respect her and are interested to know more about her than how she looks naked.

Waiting keeps you interested

Not only does anticipation go AWOL after you have sex on the first date, but chances are your interest will take a dive too. You might not even feel the need to get to know her once you’ve had sex, and so gone is the interest in trying to see if you’d work as a couple. If you press pause on sex for a while, you give yourself a chance to get to know her when lust is not clouding your vision. Then sex becomes the reward for keeping that interest burning.
It’s important to know her vibe before you take her to the next level, in order to avoid bad sex complications."

Waiting shows you’re a gentleman

Chivalry in the form of throwing your jacket over puddles to prevent your lady from getting her shoes wet may have left the dating scene long ago, but avoiding first-date sex is right up there with the greats. Suggesting sex after knowing her a few hours makes her feel you’re only after one thing, you don’t respect her or you’re the Don Juan of the town. Talk about a turnoff if she’s keen on a relationship that lasts longer than one night.

Waiting gives you time to evaluate her

Since you’ve just met her, you don’t really know her other than some things about her life, interests and job. If you add carnal knowledge to the list too quickly, you miss out on other crucial info you should be spending sex time trying to discover. For instance, is she a crazy chick who is going to assume that you’re a full-fledged couple after you’ve had sex? Will she turn into a human version of Velcro the morning after? It’s important to know her vibe before you take her to the next level, in order to avoid bad sex complications.

good things come to those who wait

Sex is important in a relationship; there’s no doubt about it. But making a slow transition to sex will result in an even more mind-blowing experience when the full act does happen. By then you’ll know if you’re in sync with each other, you can suss out the chemistry, and sex can become something that cements your relationship even more. So if she’s a woman you’d like to call your girlfriend in the near future, wait sex out a little longer, buddy. It’ll pay off.


First Images of Captain America via. JworkBlog

With Chris Evans playing Captin America this year, No more Human Torch I take it?


American Bully, Damien - BEAST!

This mass of muscle is Damien - Found only at LuvaPitKennels. Contact for stud!


@liltunechi - Lil Wayne talks about his time in the pen.

Rapper Lil Wayne says his stretch at Rikers Island “wasn’t as difficult as people might think” and that he got so good at Uno other inmates refused to play him. In a cover story for Rolling Stone magazine, the 28-year-old Grammy winner reveals his biggest hardship in the can was being deprived of conjugal visits.

“Don’t remind me, Brother,” he says, adding the closest he came to a lover was a picture of a woman he cut out of a magazine and taped to the wall of his 10-by-6-foot cell. The tattooed rapper was released from jail in November after serving 242 days in protective custody (he prefers calling it “Punk City”) for attempted criminal possession of a weapon, a charge he describes as “bull—-.”

Wayne says he got to know his fellow “Punk City” inmates during the eight hours a day they’d spend in a rec room watching TV or cooking together like in the prison scene from “Goodfellas.” His favorite pastime was playing Uno, a card game, and he and other inmates would gamble for commissary goods or one another’s phone-use privileges. He said he won far more than he lost.

“I would have a bed full of s–t,” he says. “The [correction officers] would come through and like, ‘What are you, about to cook?’ ‘Nope, just kicked ass at Uno, that’s all!’” Lil Wayne, who was born Dwayne Michael Carter, said he read in jail more than he ever read before, mostly biographies ranging from Jimi Hendrix to Vince Lombardi. He also read Confucius and the whole Bible.

“It was deep!” he says of the Gospels. He worked as a jailhouse suicide-prevention aide, earning 50 cents an hour, but found his 10 p.m.-to-6 a.m. shift was “for the birds.” His visitors included a who’s who of hip-hop royalty from Sean (Diddy) Combs and Nicki Minaj to Kanye West, who rapped his latest album for him.
Once, he received a call from former Jets quarterback Brett Favre telling him to “Keep your head up.”

“Not to use the word ‘easy’ – but it wasn’t difficult as people might think,” he says of his time behind bars. “There’s difficulty – mentally, just waking up every damn day in that mother——. But once you get over that, it’s all good.”


Lupe Fiasco Lasers Cover Art