Is it wrong to acquire new friends of the opposite sex while in a relationship, that you have NO attraction to?

I had an interesting convo today that I wanted to ask you guys/gals how you felt on the subject.  Is is wrong to acquire new friends of the opposite sex that you have NO attraction to?  The lines have been laid, the boundaries are set, you have a friend that totally understands you have a man, or chick at home, and has no intentions on wreaking that, or ruining your new found friendship.

It seems to me that people can no longer be friends with the opposite sex, due to the increasing amount of emotionally hi-jacking partners that would rather have their partner either have and loose the few friends he/she currently has, rather than continue to grow socially and meet new people.

Scenario One:
You have a male friend at work that you have NO attraction to; none what so ever, and you and him, maybe a few other co-workers or not, decide to grab a quick lunch....Is that considered wrong?  Or are you in some simplistic form of the word, cheating?  There is no out of work communication, maybe an exchange of phone numbers or emailing, Facebooking, or Twittering, you are just friends, that happen to share similar interest.

Are you cheating?

Scenario Two:
Are you really going to tell me that while your dating your new (Boo) you can no longer, ever, hit the Confirm Friend button until you two either die or break up?
I personally think your outside your mind, if you think my social life should cease because of another persons insecurity.  But maybe I'm just looking at this from a guys perspective.

There is a poll on the right nav that you are free to vote on and let me know you thoughts.  Pass this along to your friends and see what they think.  I'm really curious to know your thoughts on the subject.



jAudi_TT said...
March 21, 2011 at 1:41 PM

Can't let another persons insecurities limit your social circle.

Anonymous said...
March 21, 2011 at 1:55 PM

I believe the co-worker should eventually meet your other half so, there would never be any awkardness, tension or jealousy. Invite him our her out with the gang.
If you were to see your chic with another dude and just walk up on them at lunch (you may seem a little thrown off UNTILL you realized it was your sweetie and her geeky co-worker-the one who she constantly makes fun of and YOU KNOW HE IS JUST A FRIEND!

Friendships at the office are OKAY if you trust your partner!! The only time you should worry is if your man/woman is sneaking around with their co-workers..late night..and no boundaries are ever set.
My man and I have a great freindships are the least of our worries! Build a strong foundation and these little issues dont even matter!

Bubbles said...
March 23, 2011 at 9:45 AM

I feel that friendships at the office are completely fine. It doesn't matter what the sex of the person is.

I also believe it does not matter if the person met your partner or not. If there is trust in the relationship then it should not be relevant. Typically, when these scenarios come up people have insecurities and are always playing the what if game in their minds.

Relationships that last the longest are the ones that put the petty behavior on the back burner and are more focused on what really makes the relationship work instead of picking at all the petty things that can pull them apart.