S T A N C E - Saleen Mustang Dropped From Production

It was 1984, when race car driver, Steve Saleen, introduced his high performance variation of the Ford Mustang, calling it the Saleen Mustang. Since then, the limited production of these specialty vehicles has accomplished everything from winning races to starring in motion pictures.

This summer, the ‘stang will have one less performance variation, as Revstone Industries prepares to drop production of their Saleen Mustang for the third quarter. Instead of limited production builds, the company will focus on aftermarket performance parts.

“We feel it is time to retire the legend and to usher in a new era of performance,” said Bob LaCourciere, President of Revstone. This means that the current 2011 425-horsepower Saleen S302, 435-horsepower 435S, and 475-horsepower S281 are already on their way to being the last of their kind.

Fear not, Saleen fans, as Revstone has announced they will continue to honor all warranties on their vehicles, and you’ll still be able to purchase parts for your own Saleen variation through their Speedlab store.