At $300K, Ecosse Titanium Series FE Ti XX is the world’s most expensive motorcycle

Ecosse Moto Works makes the world’s most extraordinary machines. Their exquisite two-wheeled creations are built to the highest standards, using the most exotic materials in never-before-seen designs. The firm already has the honor of being the maker of the world’s most expensive motorcycle, the Ecosse Titanium Series RR, which costs $275,000. Now, they are updating the Titanium Series RR with the final bike in the Heretic series - the FE Ti XX, which will become the newest most expensive motorcycle in the world, costing a cool $300,000

The new Ecosse Titanium Series FE Ti XX comes equipped with a 2.4l billet aluminum powerplant that produces an amazing 225hp. The Grade 9 titanium pipes have a ceramic, shot-peened finish and a hydraulic clutch combines with a new exposed carbon belt drive. The Ecosse FE Ti XX comes with a wristwatch from some undisclosed brand. 

Ecosee tells Basem Wasef at Motorcycles that the first batch is going to China. Moreover, a client has ordered one unit without fluids so that he can display it as “a sculpture in his home.” He’s opted for the bike in his daughter’s favorite color and has christened it in her honor.
Pictured above is the Ecosse Titanium Series RR Limited Edition.

About Ecosse
Ecosse was formed in late 1991. Don Atchison, founder and designer, is a speed freak who grew up riding dirt bikes as his main mode of transportation in rural Washington state. The Heretic was perfected in 2004 after three complete prototype iterations. Forbes declared The Heretic “Bike of the Year” in 2006.
The motorcycle was the multi-winner of Robb Report’s prestigious “Best of the Best” award and Stuff Magazine gave it the “Sickest Bike of 2007” honor. Men’s Vogue commissioned a special one-off limited edition for its April 2008 issue. 

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