Are You Living Or Just Existing?

Life is for living, not just existing. As our days are filled with various, mundane obligations, it’s easy to forget to enjoy life. As crazy as it seems many of us don’t allow ourselves the opportunity to laugh as much as we should and partake in the simple things we enjoy doing; but when it’s all said and done, do you want to have gone through life coasting along fulfilling all major obligations, but forgetting to simply breathe and enjoy life?

From our jobs, that give us a headache at the mere thought of them, to our less than meaningful relationships, some of us have allowed mediocrity to be the overall theme of our lives. Sure you may have to take a pay cut to do what you really want; but at least you will be happier and more fulfilled. And so what if your relationships are filled with a variety of associates; but when it comes to healthy relationships, quantity always takes precedence over quality.

As you reflect over how you want to live your life, consider these things daily to ensure that you are living and not just existing. After all, none of us were put on earth simply to take up space.