MB&F HM2 Final Edition Watches Hands-On: Sapphire Visions

These "Final Edition" HM2 Red SV & Black SV watches put the Horological Machine number 2 proudly to rest. MB&F first experimented with the "Sapphire Vision" concept with the original HM2 SV watch that was included in this article here. Using a sapphire plate versus metal as the top of the watch caused a whirlwind of "I want that." MB&F freely admitted that the project probably cost them more than they anticipated given the cost of machining the sapphire plates, but it was worth it for the fans.

The original HM2 SV was limited to only 25 pieces. That is a really low amount given how popular the watch was - and it was popular for good reason. The Sapphire Vision offered not only unparalleled views of the movement, but also created a totally new looking surface for a watch that spoke all too well the language of love for watch nerds. So for the last pieces in the HM2 collection to ever be made, MB&F offers just a few more of these sexy Sapphire Visions for us to enjoy.
I first spoke about the MB&F HM2 Red SV & Black SV watches here. Visit that article for information on pricing, technical specs, etc... This will be about handling the actual watches, and what it means for the future of MB&F. What I will say right off the bat is that the watch are limited to just 18 pieces each.

The black or green colored gaskets really give these watches that extra bit of character that they need to be highly memorable. They are of course there for the functional purposes of water resistance and to keep dust out. For generations we have been interested in looking at watch movements to see how they work. I have a strong feeling that this early desire to peek under a watch's robes influenced watch makers to create such nicely decorated movements. It makes me wonder how some watch makers draw the line between "functional" and "aesthetic." Appreciation of timepieces inherently involves a love of mechanics and gadgetry. To know the items we appreciate are as complicated as our interests helps fuel our ongoing passions. MB&F's founder Max Busser and the team are as much gadgetaholics as they are watch makers. Timepieces such as the HM2 Sapphire Visions are perfect intersections of these two interests.
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