Tron Light Cycle design contest sees some stunning sketches

Last month, Car Design Fetish announced results for the Batmobile Design Competition, a design competition centered around the vehicle used by the Dark Knight in his Gotham-saving enterprises. Now, SideQuesting, a sister site of Car Design Fetish, has announced results for the design competition that asked to create a new concept for the Light Cycle vehicle from the Tron movie series. More than 100 works were submitted in less than 20 days for the Light Cycle Design Contest, from 3D renderings to pencil sketches. The competition was launched to celebrate the upcoming launch of Tron and Tron: Legacy on DVD and Blu-ray. 

While John A. Frye has won in the US category, the International category has gone to Raphael Laurent. John A. Frye from California has been working as a designer at Honda R&D Americas since 1997. His Light Cycle emphasized on the high-tech design with a striking blue-orange contrast. His design brings to mind the vision of a biker gang in the Tron’s world. I just love the way the rider is gripping the handlebars. The honorable mentions in the US category went to Izaak Moody, Vaughan Ling and Chris Greazel. 

In the International category, Daniel Kafka (UK), Huynh Ngoc Lan (Vietnam) and Paulo Italiani (Brazil) grabbed the honorable mentions.  Peep the rest here.