**WOMENS** Fancy vivid 10-carat purple-pink diamond fails to find a buyer

The 10.09-carat cushion cut, fancy vivid purplish pink diamond, which we listed in our list of most important upcoming auctions for 2011, has failed to sell at the Christie’s Magnificent Jewels Auction on April 12. This rare diamond was earlier expected to sell for up to $15 million, but unfortunately, it remains unsold. Tuesday’s auction brought in a total of $31.8 million, with 75 percent of the lots sold. Radul Kadakia, Christie’s head of jewelry in New York, said…
We were disappointed that the 10-carat purple-pink diamond did not find a buyer, but top-quality white, blue, pink and yellow diamonds fared very well.

A Fancy Vivid blue diamond that fetched $3.67 million, or more than $1 million per carat, thereby exceeding its high estimate. The highlight of the auction was a cut-cornered rectangular cut diamond, which went for $4.4 million. A rectangular-cut Fancy Intense Pink 6.61 carat diamond fetched $3.5 million.

However, the 10.09-carat Fancy Vivid cushion-cut was thought of to be the head turner at the auction, it failed to do so. The value of pink diamonds has increased by large in recent years. Kadakia further said…
The transaction is still alive, and though the diamond did not sell in the room last night, perhaps we’ll see something take place in the coming days.

Via: Reuters